7 Tips for Cooking with Essential Oils

Here are a few tips for you if you are just learning to cook with doTERRA Essential Oils. After practicing a few times, you will soon become a master at adding essential oils into your favorite recipes. A little bit goes a long ways. Essential oils are very concentrated, so add a drop, then mix […]

7 Tips for Cooking


History of Frankincense

If you come from a christian background then you probably have heard of Frankincense. Frankincense was one of the three gifts the wise men brought to baby Jesus, along with Myrrh and Gold. Although you have heard reference to it, do you really know much about it and why it was such an important resource? […]


Easy Ways to Make Money Doing What You Love

Who hasn’t heard that if you do what you love that money will follow? The tricky thing for everyone is figuring out how to, first, figure out what you love to do, and, second, how to make money doing it. Right? Do you love socializing with new people? Do you love teaching people new things? […]


chicken piccata

Yummy Lemon Chicken Piccata

Need something new and refreshing for dinner? Try this Yummy Lemon Chicken Piccata using doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil, just remember, a little bit goes a long ways. XOXO, Candice


Why Buy doTERRA Oils Wholesale?

Not only do you save money when you Buy Doerra Oils Wholesale, you also get other great perks, too. Join the Loyalty Rewards Program and earn FREE product credits Free product of the month on certain orders Promotions and discounts on special products Generous bonuses if you enroll others with a wholesale account Personalized website […]